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Infocom Report, October 2011
Greetings Marines,
Well, I am now officially settled into my office here at the Data Warfare center of the SFMC HQ.  Security codes have been changed and the rabid Targ has been returned to the Klingon embassy with my thanks for the loan.
Any way... Down to business
Pingdom Report
Pingdom had good results for us this month.  According to their sampling, we had 100% uptime, and no outages.  They further reported that the average ping time of the site was 405 ms.
Staffing has been an interesting challenge to overcome, but we are there.  With no further ado, I would like to introduce you to the staring line up for Infocom.
DCOINFOCOM - Joe Brohard
In the past, joe has served the marines in administration roles such as DCOFORCECOM and DCOINFOCOM.  With his administration and past kniwledge of the department, Joe is the right choice to help lead Infocom forward.
ADOIC or Assistant Deputy Officer in Charge is something new that came about after talking with another GS Member.  MM thanks for the good advice.
The department will be subdivided into three areas, Admin, Web and Print.  This will lessen the workload on the COINFOCOM and DCOINFOCOM and allow them more time to work on running the department rather than being the department.
Admin is going to oversee administration tasks if Infocom. They will oversee operations such as Facebook and Twitter.  They will also work with the DCO for project time tables.  I also have a few additional duties that will be looking to give them in the future.
Web will lead the future web staff that Infocom will build from the ground up.  They will oversee our web presences and do the general maintenance.  They will also be in charge of future site design.
Print will be in charge of our printed materials.  There main focus will be the future of Attention on Deck: Extra, but they will also be involved in the administration of other print assets as time goes on.
Your new ADOIC's are:
Admin - Steve Parmley
Web - Mark Anderson
Print - Thomas Carroll

At this time, the only person with any staff is admin as this ADOIC oversees Facebook and Twitter and we staffed these positions in the starting line up (more on these positions in a moment).  The other ADOIC's have been given the ability to add staff, so look for additional offerings from the ADOIC's in the future.
Other people joining Infocom are:
Facebook Admins - TJ Allen and Wayne Smith.

I brought in two Facebook admins to give our account the most coverage possible.  TJ is in the states and Wayne is an international member, so our Facebook account should almost always have someone looking over it.
I have brought in Thomas Hickey to administrate our Twitter Feed.  Be sure to drop him some tid bits of your MSG, or Brigade activities such that he can tweet them out to all SFMC members.
I will be updating the staff list at the SFMC website shortly to reflect this new staff and contact information.
The staff is not yet complete either.  I will be coordinating with the DCO and ADOIC's on other staffing ideas that I have.  Look to future announcements here and on corp-l for what is yet to come.
Attention on Deck: Extra
AODE will be making a comeback very soon. I have been working with Thomas on its relaunch, so watch corps-l for the announcement of the next issue.
What do you want from the SFMC?
The SFMC is always looking for a new ideas and new approaches.  If you think you have a good idea, then please share it.
Well, that's about all I have for this month.