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State of Forcecom, November 2011

Greetings Ladies and Gentleman of the Corps,

Well it has been a crazy busy couple of months, sorry for not getting a SOF Report for October but the end of October was crazy busy. What with changing jobs, school just been crazy busy with tests and quizzes and then the Rugby World Cup was on as well, it got forgotten.

At the time of this report the 1st Brigade had 23 units and 94 Active and 99 Reserve Marines for a total of 193 Marines which is the Biggest Brigade in the Corps.

There are over 4 brigades that have over 100 marines they are the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th

The largest unit in the corps is a tie between the 503rd MSG “The Spartans” of the 5th Brigade and the 888th “Tiger Sharks” of the 17th Brigade

Congratulations to those fine units for their great work at recruiting and retention

In case you are wondering what the biggest units are in the different brigades here is the biggest units in each brigade

1st Brigade = 173rd “The Black cats” with 16 Marines
2nd Brigade = 631st Fighting Ospreys”  with 13 Marines and the 677th “Spirit Builders” with 13 Marines
3rd Brigade = 300th “Titan Squadron” with 20 Marines
4th Brigade = 1st “Border Bandits” with 15 Marines and the 75th “Death Dealers” with 15 Marines
5th Brigade = 503rd “The Spartans” with 28 Marines
6th Brigade = 832nd “Hearts of Ice” with 7 Marines
7th Brigade = 787th “White Knights” with 12 Marines
8th Brigade = 360th “The Spirit Riders” with 3 Marines
10th Brigade = 424th “The Smiling Cats” with 6 Marines
11th Brigade = 372nd “Warriors of Justice” with 17 Marines
12th Brigade = 225th “Dedex” with 18 Marines
13th Brigade  = 455th “The Fighting Wolfpack” with 7 Marines
15th Brigade  = 95th “Sentintals” with 17 Marines
17th Brigade = 888th “Tiger Sharks” with 28 Marines
20th Brigade = 399th “Night Fury” with 11 Marines

Congratulations to all those units that made this list.

We have hired a couple of new staff members to Forces Command

I would like welcome Brigadier Thomas Guertin who going to be working on keeping the Alert Roster and the Unit logos and Mottos upto date

And the other addition is Lt Col Jason Garrett who is going to be the new Recruiting and Retention officer I am sure the unit oic’s will be hearing from these fine gentleman in the future I would like to encourage all the unit to participate in the programs that the corps runs like the Reading Challenge and giving toys to Toys For Tots and the Special Olympics

Until next time Stay safe out there