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State of Fincom, May 2012

State of FINCOM – May 2012

Greeting Marines!! I am pleased to announce that many of our ribbons in the QM inventory will be replenished soon, and we will be shipping (if you haven't already received) your orders soon!! Linda and I thank you all for your patience as we got the QM replenished.

I am submitting my report a little earlier than normal this month as I have been able to get access to the accounts again (thank you Tammy!!). Below is how we stand as of May 22, 2012:

Bank of America SFMC Checking Account
Opening Balance 5/1/2012 $4,724.37
5/21/12 - Counter Credit $267.00
5/21/12 - Counter Credit $194.00
5/21/12 - Counter Credit $50.00
5/3/12 - PinPros ($793.00)
5/4/12 - USPS ($1.95)
5/8/12 - USPS ($3.90)
5/10/12 - Walmart - Shipping Supplies ($8.50)
5/11/12 - USPS ($1.95)
5/14/12 - USPS ($7.97)
5/15/12 - USPS ($18.40)
5/16/12 - USPS ($5.73)
5/17/12 - Stadri Emblems Inc. ($163.50)
5/18/12 - USPS ($1.95)

Net Change in Checking Account ($495.85)
Ending Balance 5/22/2012 $4,228.52
Bank of America SFMC Scholarship Account
Opening Balance 5/1/2012 $2,726.31

Net Change in Scholarship Account $0.00
Ending Balance 5/22/2012 $2,726.31

Respectfully submitted,

MGN Patrick McAndrew, SFMCR

Commanding Officer, FINCOM