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Other Awards
Note: All awards are presented on this page in their correct order of precedence and are based on the information found in the the 2007 MFM. Awards are worn in the order of Achievement, Service, and Training. Also please note that the colors shown on here do not necessarily represent the correct coloring for a particular ribbon. This is due to the variations in monitors. Ribbons that are solid in color, dual, or three equal blocks, and ribbon attachments can be ordered through Glendale. Specialty ribbons can only be ordered through the SFMC Quartermaster.

Commandant's Campaign Award
Issuing Authority: SFMC Commandant
Frequency: As needed
SFMC Ribbon Name: Commandant’s Campaign Award

This ribbon is given for completing or participating (certain criteria may have to be met to qualify) in a Commandant’s Campaign. It is worn on the right chest to the outside of any Wilderness Challenge Qualification badge. It is a Blue and Gold ribbon.

Black with Gold Frame
Wilderness Challenge Qualification Badge
Issuing Authority: SFMC Commandant
Frequency: As needed

This badge is issued to any Marine who participates in the Annual SFMC Wilderness Challenge and completes all the criteria. The badge is a black ribbon with a gold frame with a device indicating the SFMCWC that was participated in, i.e. SFMC Wilderness Challenge 2000’s device is a bronze arrowhead. A maximum of three such devices can be added to the ribbon. It is worn on the right breast ½ inch above the Name Plate, below any other Qualification Badges and to the inside of the Commandant’s Campaign Award.



SFMC Recruiting Ribbon
Issuing Authority: COFORCECOM
Frequency: As needed
Ribbon Description: Gold/Green/Gold/Green/Gold (Vanguard # 3649 - available SFMC QM)
Placement and Order of Precedence: Right breast 1/2 inch above the Name Plate, below any other Qualification Badges and to the inside of any Wilderness Challenge Award.