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Uniforms in the SFMC
Purpose of the Uniform The purpose of a uniform is to provide identifcation and evidence of your profession, and your standing within  that profession,  through  the use of  insignia, equipment and accessories. The purpose of SFMC uniform regulations is merely to provide a standard professional appearance that allows a STARFLEET Marine to be easily recognized as such. Your dress, appearance, and conduct are a refection of your own self respect. It is also a prime indicator of the degree of respect with which you regard your service to the STARFLEET Marine Corps.

When Wearing the Uniform is Recommended or Prohibited
Wear of the Marine uniform is never required, but when it is worn it is required to be worn correctly. The Marine uniform can be worn at any Marine, ship, or fan function where the Marine uniform would seem appropriate in context.

Wear of the uniform is prohibited under the following circumstances:
  1. In connection with the promotion of any political or commercial interests.
  2. Except as authorized by competent authority, when participating in public speeches,  interviews, picket lines, marches, rallies or public demonstrations.
  3. When wearing the uniform would bring discredit upon the SFMC.
Uniform Appearance and Fit
Uniforms should be properly ftted, clean, serviceable, and pressed as necessary. While absolute uniformity of appearance cannot be expected, personnel must project a professional image that leaves no doubt that they are accountable  to a common standard. Uniforms should be kept buttoned and zippered, metallic devices should be kept  in proper  luster, shoes should be cleaned and shined, and pant and shirt cuffs should not be excessively long or short.

Personal Appearance
It is the responsibility of commanders to assure their uniformed personnel present a neat and professional appearance, and it is the duty of each Marine to take pride in his or her appearance. Hair on the top of the head should be neatly groomed and not unruly or unkempt. If longer than the shirt collar, it should be gathered and styled to remain above the collar. Its style should not interfere with proper wear of headgear. Facial hair should be neatly trimmed and not excessive. Makeup and nail polish should be conservative and compliment the uniform.

Wearing of Civilian Jewelry
The wear of one personal chronometer is authorized with all uniforms. Rings and earrings may be worn so  long as  they are  in good  taste and do not detract  from  the appearance of  the uniform. Chains and necklaces should be kept under the uniform shirt at all times. No jewelry, watch chains or similar civilian items including pens and pencils, etc. will appear exposed on the uniform.

There are several  time  lines  in  the Star Trek universe, some of which are many  (fctional) years apart while others overlap. This makes  it diffcult  to come up with a simple, yet  logical uniform plan even  for the designers of the shows! For the sake of “uniformity” and consistency then, these various styles have been streamlined in the SFMC into three classes: Class A - Dress Uniforms, Class B - Duty Uniforms, and Class C - Field Uniforms.

Even when SFMC members choose to wear uniforms, few can afford to own all the types shown here. Therefore, it can be diffcult or even impossible for a local commander to specify one particular uniform for  all  personnel  attending  a  function. Therefore, most  prescribe  the  “highest  level”  of  uniform  that  is acceptable  for  a  function.  For  example,  for  a  formal  event  the  commander may  prescribe  a Class A uniform. Marines owning only the Class B may wear their class B, but if they own a Class A uniform, they should change into it for the event.

As a general  rule,  if a Class A uniform  is specifed  for a  function and  the marine owns only a Class C uniform, they should change into more formal civilian attire for the function rather than wearing their Class C uniform to it. Conversely, if a Class C uniform is specifed, and the Marine owns only a Class A uniform, they would probably be more comfortable and more at home in civilian clothing or their unit/corps T-shirt/polo shirt (when owned). Class B uniforms generally work well for any occasion if that is the only uniform owned.