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SFMC Quartermaster
Need SFMC uniform items or other SFMC branded items? Then visit the SFMC Quartermaster.
SFMC Spreadshirt Store
SFMC branded clothing can be found in the SFMC Spreadshirt store.
Take a Course at the SFMCA
Expand you knowledge of the STARFLEET Marine Corps. Take a course at the STARFLEET Marine Academy!
Want to be a part of the SFMC? Well you need to be a member of STARFLEET first. Check out one of the oldest and largest Star Trek fan associations!
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
The SFMC maintains a permanent presence in IRC. This is a chat room were members of the Corps get together to discuss just about anything. So if you have any questions or are just curious please stop by.

Most user of IRC user mIRC. This is a shareware program which can be downloaded and used to connect to various IRC servers around the world. To read more about mIRC and to download the program click here .

The Corps channel resides on the Fleetchat system of IRC servers. To view connection settings and to learn more about the Fleetchat system of servers click here .

The Corps channel is named #Corps. So once you have connected to one of the Fleetchat servers use your programs means of joining a chat room to connect to the Corps's chat room.