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Award Nomination Example
Please be as specific as possible when writing your nominations.  I have actually seen "He is a pretty good guy, attends all of the meetings and I think he does a good job."  Nope, didn't get an award. Here is an example of a write up that DID receive an award.  The SFMC would like to thank Colonel Joe Fuller for the use of the  content of this  example. The names were changed to protect the guilty...

Nomination for SWORD OF VALOR - 2007
(Brigade Officer of the Year)

Nominator:  LTC Joe Sullivan
Unit: 503rd MSG, 4th BN, 5th BDE SFMC

Nomination Reads:

This nomination is for JOHN Q. PUBLIC,HIS POSITION, member 503rd MSG, USS Thermopylae.

This Marine only became a Marine Reservist with in the past year. During that time JOHN Q. has been instrumental in helping form and organize the 4th Battalion of the 5th BDE PRIGAL WATCH.  JOHN Q has taken a lot upon himself by accepting the position of PRIGAL WATCHER. In this role JOHN Q has traveled with the BN OIC to events held by chapters across the state of Washington in an effort to revitalize the PRIGAL WATCH.  JOHN Q likewise has been working with the OICs of VARIOUS MSGS to help bring him up to speed on the reporting requirements and recruiting techniques required of an OIC.

Prior to JOHN Q joining the Marines, the 5th BDE did not have a PRIGAL WATCH.  JOHN Q procured the WEB CAMS for the 5th Brigade and then proceeded to create a wonderful web site complete with graphics, links and with an SFMC look and feel.  He did this with no reimbursement for time and/or materials.

JOHN Q is well respected by the members of the 503rd.  Whenever there is work to be done, JOHN Q can be found doing it.  JOHN Q can be found packing materials for volunteers at the Humane Society, policing the grounds at the Marine Muster, setting up tents and shelters in the ain so that those arriving after dark would have a clean dry place to sleep.

Work is no stranger to JOHN Q and his efforts on behalf of the 503rd MSG, 4th BN and 5th BDE deserve recognition.