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State of FINCOM, January 2010
Sunday, 17 January 2010 16:28

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  This is the final report for the year of 09 and I wish to apologize for it being the first to appear on this list.  I have been sending reports to the AoD and the AoDE but apparently failed to include this list.

I do hope that all interested parties have looked up my articles in the above mentioned publications.

The storeroom is still pretty well stocked as the holiday sales were a bit disappointing.  I have received several after Christmas orders which are awaiting the transport to the postal service location.  I hope to make it there on Friday this week.  Things are a bit strange here as we are experiencing extreme cold temperatures unlike any that we have had in Florida since I moved down here from Tennessee.  In some ways it is very pleasant, in others not so much.  And if we should (heaven forbid) actually see ice and snow, I don't have a clue what the "locals" will do.  They are already threatening me at work that they will be staying home if it snows.  (shaking head at "deep southerners")

If you were one of the multitudes who did NOT receive SFMC merchandise for Christmas, check out the online store.  We have some very nice items that any Marine would love to have.  Also it is about time to start the annual Summit Season again, so if you are in the process of updating your ribbon bars check out the new ribbon bar maker on the site and then order what you need to complete your uniform.

That is about all the news from here, again hope everyone is having a great new year. For those who have applied for the DCO position please stay tuned, the announcement will come very soon.

The following is the current financial report for the office of Fincom,

December 31, 2009
Opening balance Dec. 1 -  $1672.38
Transfer of paypal funds -  $78.07
Ending Balance Dec 31  - $1750.45

Scholarship account
Opening balance Dec. 1 - $2870.08
Interest                         -          .48
Ending Balance Dec 31 - $2870.56

Petty Cash
Opening Balance Dec. 1  -  $39.66
Postage                           -  $ 6.19
Ending Balance Dec. 31  - $33.47

Linda Olson
CO Fincom, SFMC