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SFMC Quartermaster
Need SFMC uniform items or other SFMC branded items? Then visit the SFMC Quartermaster.
SFMC Spreadshirt Store
SFMC branded clothing can be found in the SFMC Spreadshirt store.
Take a Course at the SFMCA
Expand you knowledge of the STARFLEET Marine Corps. Take a course at the STARFLEET Marine Academy!
Want to be a part of the SFMC? Well you need to be a member of STARFLEET first. Check out one of the oldest and largest Star Trek fan associations!
SFMC Uniform Suppliers
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# Web Link
1   Link   Clicket
Clicket stocks duty uniforms.
2   Link   Executive Apparel of N.Y.
Executive Apparel of N.Y. stocks various Aviator style shirts that can be used with S&P uniforms.
3   Link   Glendale
Glendale stocks items such as ribbons, shoulder cords, head gear, ranks, etc...
4   Link   Intergalactic Trading Company
Intergalactic Trading Company stocks the uniform patterns for the Monster Blacks.
5   Link   International Insignia
International Insignia stocks various military insignia from around the world. The recruiting badge can be found here.
6   Link   Medals of America
Medals of America stocks the Double Knot as well as various badges.
7   Link   Quartermaster
Quartermaster stocks most of the uniform items (shirts and pants) needed to complete a S&P uniform. They also stock BDU's.
8   Link   Saunders Insignia
Saunders Insignia stocks various badges that are used for the various MOS badges.
9   Link   Starbase Atlanta
Starbase Atlanta is one of the few and last places to get communicator pins in any size, especially the extremely hard to find mini-communicators.
10   Link   Supertrooper
Supertrooper stocks various qualification badges.
11   Link   US Cavalry
US Cavalry stocks BDU's.
12   Link   Vanguard
Vanguard is the premier supplier of uniform items for the US military.
13   Link   J Kerezman Costumes
This merchant stocks various patterns and patches, even the very hard to find Rank Braiding for TOS uniforms.
14   Link   Patriot Made
They carry mock turtlenecks in all assorted colors, just so happens they have quite a few of the colors needed for SFMC uniforms.